Radio controlled clocks are attractive modern clocks that will complement any architectural style.

These clocks are equipped with miniaturized radio receivers to receive the time signal transmitted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology from Fort Collins, Colorado.

The time signal is based on the cesium clock which is the reloj control most accurate timekeeping device in the world. It will automatically receive and compare the time signal with the time shown on the face of the clock. In case of a deviation, it will automatically correct its time to agree with the time signal. This procedure is executed several times a day to keep the clock on time.

The clock movement can be set to any U.S. time zone and be used as a radio controlled movement. It may also be set on (Standard Time) or (Daylight Saving Time) and used as a quartz movement for areas with poor signal.

Once the time zone is set, pin pulled, and battery installed, the movement will search for the time signal. It will indicate this by doing 1 step every 3 seconds. When the time signal is available it will do 1 step every 2 seconds.

Once the signal is received and processed it will do a fast run until the correct time is achieved. This process can be achieved in as little as 3 minutes with good signal but typically will be achieved at night when signal strength is greatest.

Weather, structural characteristics and topographical conditions can limit or interfere with signal reception. It is recommend letting your clock search for the signal for at least 72 hours. If the clock is not corrected and is still doing 1 step every 3 seconds it means it is in a location that cannot receive the signal. Move the radio control clock to a different wall and make sure it is several feet from electrical devices or large metal objects.

Radio control clocks are provided in high impact black plastic cases with shatter-resistant safety crystal and bold, black numerals and minute markers on a not yellowing white dial. Stylish hour and minute hands are aluminum with a black finish and a red sweep hand. Radio controlled clocks automatically adjust for the Daylight Saving Time change.



Why Radio Controlled Clocks Are the World’s Most Accurate Clock