For the extra paranoid, physical destruction is also an option. What’s not an option is leaving an operating system installed, as that will inevitably leave personal traces as well. My data isn’t very interesting but my preferred method was to have 2 hard drives in my machine and separate Windows from everything else. Then just remove my data and program drive If i wanted to remove all the data and programs I could format that drive then fill it with movies and then format it again or just leave it full of movies.and music.

That would mean trying to find a way to harden soft targets across the country, getting private companies to beef up their cybersecurity, getting the U.S. government to mandate standards. Offensive cyber, at this point anyway, may seem easier. The irony is that offensive cyber’s richest target is us. “The United States is the country most highly dependent on these technologies,” Deibert said. “And arguably the most vulnerable to these sorts of attacks. I think there should be far more attention devoted to thinking about proper systems of security, to defense.” At the end of Stanley Kubrick’s film Dr. Strangelove there is an iconic scene in which the doomsday bomb is seen as the ultimate deterrent, but it only works as a deterrent if people know it exists. If you don’t tell anyone about it, what good is it?

The mission — led by a special unit working with U.S. Cyber Command and the NSA — was to get inside the ISIS network and disrupt the terrorist organization’s media operation. The battle against the group had been episodic to that point. Cyber Command had been mounting computer network attacks against the group, but almost as soon as a server would go down, communications hubs would reappear. The ISIS target was always moving and the group had good operational security. Just physically taking down the ISIS servers wasn’t going to be enough. There needed to be a psychological component to any operation against the group as well.

IBM has a free software program that you can download from their website called “IBM Secure Data Disposal Version 1.2.”. It runs from a boot disk/CD, and a will wipe out your drive by copying, sectory by sector, track by track, random data onto the hard drive. It will overwrite everything that is there, as many times as you want. So there would be no chance of someone every reading what was on your disk drive.

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Read more about Nsa listed electromagnetic degausser here.

How to use the SDD Master to degauss hard drives securely

Typically, for retail purchased computers, you’ll have an OEM Windows license, which means it belongs with the hardware. You can’t legally reinstall that license on another computer . Having read all this, I am glad that we have kept all of our old computers . But essentially this is clean reinstall of Windows. If you are using Windows 7 or later, you can download the appropriate installation disc image for Windows for free from Microsoft and burn it to a DVD or create a bootable installation USB flash drive. It should register automatically if you have an eligible version installed. The best thing you could do to fix this problem is to bring it to a professional for help.

Turn off Hibernation and remove the hibernation file. Not really, not completely, and definitely not securely.

It is important to recognize, physical destruction damages the media but the data is still present. An 1″ hard drive fragment can contain up to 125 GB of data or 312 pallets of typed paper. Best practices dictate the hard drive first be degaussed before it is physically destroyed. Cybercriminals can retrieve data from hard disk drives with ease due to the fact they’re magnetized. This means that an employee could reformat it, wipe it clean with a software program or even smash it to bits and pieces and a data breach could still occur. This is why degaussing has to be incorporated in any training program a company devises. Degaussing is not the only thing you should do to insure data security.

At a larger scale, say dozens or hundreds of disks, you’ll find large industrial shredders. They operate just like a paper shredder, but are designed to process much stiffer equipment. The mangled bits of metal that are left over are barely identifiable as hard drives.

He found analysts, malware experts, behaviorialists and people who had spent years studying the smallest habits of key ISIS players. The mission, he explained to them, was to support the defeat of ISIS — to deny, degrade and disrupt them in cyberspace. In the spring of 2016 he received a phone call from the leader of his reserve unit. Neil stands in a room with military cyber operators from Joint Task Force ARES to launch an operation that would become one of the largest and longest offensive cyber operations in U.S. military history. How The NSA And U.S. Cyber Command Hacked ISIS’s Media Operation In 2016, the U.S. launched a classified military cyberattack against ISIS to bring down its media operation. NPR interviewed nearly a dozen people who lived it. Contact Armadillo Industrial Supply for all your data destruction needs.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of second-hand machines containing a wealth of personal and private information from the previous user. There’s likely to be random information left in the Windows registry. On top of that, unless you take additional steps, all of those files you carefully deleted could possibly be recovered. Even after removing all of your data — even if you remember to remove every scrap, and even after removing every single application — some of your personal information will still be left behind. All too frequently, we hear of computers being donated by banks, hospitals, or other institutions that end up exposing all sorts of private information that should have been erased first. It’s a great business for a retired guy who still likes helping seniors with new technology. There’s still potentially a ton of personal information stored on the drive you didn’t format.

What Is a Degausser and How Does It Work for Data Destruction