The Old Testament is taken mostly from the Septuagint that is a document produced c 2,350 years ago. It came about when Alexander the Great sought to bring all those in his empire into line with each other. His citizens were highly diversified in language, culture, and traditions and that made it hard for a single administration to work. Along with the book he ordered that everyone should speak Aramaic and that is the language in which it was written.

At that time the men who brought it together tree of life meaning were under religious orders not to use the title ‘god’ or ‘spirit’ if it could be avoided. These were substituted with ‘lord’, ‘heaven’, and other things. While others have had a hand in altering some of the stories within it there are parts that hold up because the Spirit has kept them intact.

On such section is that referring to the Tree of Life. This is grossly misunderstood and wrongly spoken of by those of religious persuasion who claim everything in relation to the New Testament. Authors frequently post that it refers to those who are in ‘Jesus Christ’ and who are the most ‘holy’.

That is a gross misinterpretation of the facts. The reference to it is in several places in the bible, such as in Genesis 3:24 where it notes that God placed a flaming sword turning in all directions “to keep the way of the tree of life.

In a vision of the day of the lord I was shown the identity of Eve. It appeared in large black letters at the beginning of it. In the middle was Noon and where I stand it is Evening. At noon there was the man on the cross and he was in a twilight type of darkness. At the two ends it was extremely bright. This is where the Spirit appears as the great light. It entered a group of people who are those called the ‘children of Israel’. Only they have the spirit and know the true God.


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