I remember the first time I watched the snooker world championships on tv. I got hooked on the game with the first glimpse. Before that I did not know better: I though it was an easy game and only for fat beer drinking smokers. I was wrong. And very wrong indeed as I realized when I went to the local snooker hall with my friends. Before that I had only been playing pool and I can tell you that these games should not be mentioned in the same sentence!

That is when my snooker playing got serious and I had to consider 5 world snooker championship 2023 the fact that I need my own snooker cue to really improve my game. I was not at a very competitive level at that time: I had been thinking of taking part in a few local snooker tournaments but never got to the actual signing up part. I guess that buying my own cue was the push that I needed since after that I practically lived besides the snooker table.

When I bought my first cue I bought a cue that was very cheap. I spent around $40 on it and I ended up buying a new one just a few months after that which cost $80. Then within the same year I bought one that cost $200 and that is the cue I used in my first professional tournament. Three years after seeing the snooker world championship tournament on tv, I was a professional player my self. That is not something that happens to everyone but choosing the right cue can make a difference. I wasted my time with wrong decisions that I made because I did not have the money, and I was in a hurry to get my own cue. I did not know what was I supposed to look in a cue neither what should I watch out. That is over 20 years ago and now I do my best to help people doing the right choices when buying their own equipment so they can enjoy their game.


Snooker Cues