You’ve probably heard the phrase before in the world of music “it’s who you know”. It’s true that there is some truth in this concept, however it doesn’t mean there is no reason why if you don’t already know someone who is in the field that you shouldn’t get to know them. The music industry is a profession that is made up of a wide network of relationships .

The more people you can include in your connections, the more opportunities you’ll get. However, everyone starts from the beginning, so to speak Don’t be concerned that you don’t know the appropriate people. Begin to get acquainted with them! It’s easy to start by introducing yourself and establishing relationships by taking initiative and marketing yourself. It has worked for me and I’m confident it will be beneficial for you as well! Find music

One of the most effective methods to meet people in the industry of music licensing If you’re not connected you can do is use directories of music licensing contacts. You can easily find the contact details of music librarians, supervisors for the music industry, and music publishers using these sources for the music industry. Certain organizations accept unsolicited submissions but others don’t and you should get in touch with each organization first to verify that they’re willing to hear your work. It’s pointless spending the time and effort to send your music in the first place if it’s not likely to be considered. There are many companies who are willing to accept submissions from unknown composers So don’t be let the fact that only certain companies don’t take non-solicited submissions stop you from applying.

Where can you locate music licensing directories that list contact information. There are a variety of directories available. The company I run, How To LIcense Your provides a comprehensive listing of industry-related websites that are regularly updated throughout the year. Visit my website for more details. You can also try search in Google in search of “Music Licensing DIrectory” and I’m sure that you’ll find additional sources. There are many people eager to listen to your music if you just make the effort to locate them!

Aaron Davison is a Berklee College Of Music Alumnus who has worked in the business of music for more than 10 years. Songs of his have been featured on numerous television shows, and he has also performed live across the globe.


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