Have you ever had a conversation with your donors? When did you last had a conversation with your donors? Do you even remember?

The second part of a two-part piece about returning to the fundamentals of donor communications that are top-quality and why it is crucial. In the first part of this article we discussed the importance of communication, Clarity in Communication, Reinforcing the Vision , and Adding Value. Donor Management Software


In an environment where planned giving is decreasing the regulations are tightening in many areas , and donors are being extra cautious of where their funds make the most sense. Consider the following:

Conveying Tone

We’ve all heard the lines “Desperado Why don’t you get your head straight” Well, take the hint. Nobody wants to be at the receiving of a desperate appeal like Chicken Little’s warningthat “the sky is falling”. Yes , you’ll need money but first, you must get grasp. There are a myriad of reasons that lead to the point where you are in desperate need of money, such as an inability to plan strategically and staying focused among others. However, that issue will be addressed in a different article. One thing you can do right now is to take a few minutes to think about your communication plan. In whatever you do, don’t ping your customers with desperation, spilling out of your pen. This is a huge disorientation. Additionally, it can make them wonder why you’re still at this point, and they may question your capacity to handle their money effectively.

Follow-Up Reporting

It’s not enough to emphasize how crucial it is that you inform your donors of the ability to follow-up with reports. They want to know the amount you’ve raised to reach the goal you desperately wanted their help to achieve and how their money was employed and helped you achieve your organisational goals, and finally, the next steps of the process or the project. Don’t simply take their money and leave them in the dark about what transpired when they brought their check. It’s a travesty, however it is more frequent than you think. Donors are collaborators. They aren’t thinking of it as funding and investing in your mission instead, they see it as investing in the vision you share. Don’t ever forget this.

Donor Appreciation

Have you ever given an unusual gift or note to someone but didn’t hear back? What were your thoughts? Perhaps you believed they were rude and rude or simply didn’t really care about you. Or maybe you were considerate and let them benefit from the doubt. The word that is most crucial”doubt” is “doubt”. If the ideal scenario is for it to could be doubted, then that’s not ideal. When it comes to donors, the same way it is when dealing with customers in a non-profit situation the simple act of saying “thank you” can go a long way to show your appreciation in generating loyalty and maintaining the trust of your customers. It is possible that you are organizing a party at work since you’re thrilled that your funding check finally went in, however the person who donated won’t know until you incorporate them into the process. Donor appreciation must be a key element of your communication plan at the right time, every time.

Expanding your Donor Base

You’ve heard of the phrase “What is said to go around, comes around”. This holds true for every relationship. Make sure you treat people as you would like to be treated. It’s so easy however, sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the basic principles.


Connect with Your Donors Part II