Whenever you are on a romantic date or in a presentation for a dream project, make sure that you are always at your best. This is very important especially when you want to excel and create a good impression to a certain person or to the public. Because keeping yourself always beautiful and presentable will help you perform very easy. However, there are times that a beauty emergency arrives. Simply learn to handle it well and go on with what you are doing. Beauty consultants recommend an easy solution for this beauty mayhem-a beauty survival kit. It is advisable to carry this with you at all times.

A Lip gloss or a clear lip shimmer. No derma roller matter how seductive or kissable your lips are, this wonderful beauty tool is advisable to be always in your purse. Dry lips connote poor health. This can give you an impression that you are not taking care of your self well. Also, when on a date, once the food is done, go to the powder room and use this magical tool. Or, simply apply a little on your pout in front of your date. You may not even know that this may entice him to try out your supple lips!

Mini mouthwash. Of course, it is not always good to have attractive smackers, alone. A good breathe will always add sensation to your looks. Many guys get easily turned off to a girl’s poor mouth hygiene and of course, like wise for the ladies. Also, this fabulous mini bottle will always keep you on the go especially after eating seafood lunch, or sipping your favorite coffee. Rinse away those unwanted smell it brings. 290

Dental floss. No one should miss this out. This minty thread can save you from a possible humiliation. A food excess found between your teeth is a big turn off! Thus creating an impression on your date, most especially, will turn out to be one hell of a problem. Also, if this is left unattended and becomes a habit, this can lead to a poor dental scenario. So, keep that floss around and enjoy a worry-free moment with your precious one. 372

Pressed powder. A compact kit will save your day from a possible facial turmoil-excess oil. This is number one’s most hateful thing to have on our face. Not everyone is gifted with a flawless and grease less face and just in case you are one of them, still this beauty device is needed for fixing. A little application will make you look refreshed even after a heavy day of work.


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